Is Legal Marketing Different?

The concept of Legal Marketing has sounded strong for some time. More than a fashion, it’s a trend. And it is that every time there are more professionals of the legal sector that open the range of possibilities when looking for new clients and offer the services of their law firms.

A boom in Legal Marketing in Spain

Also, the main course why we are interested in Legal Marketing is precisely the strength that Digital Marketing is taking among professionals in the legal sector. Those of us who are dedicated to designing online growth campaigns observe how, at different times, new areas are adding to the interest in this type of strategy. And at this moment, we are witnessing the growing importance of legal professionals, who are assuming as necessary to contemplate in their business plans the advertising strategy in general, and online marketing in particular. And don’t lose vision of the fact that more and more potential clients are looking for an Internet lawyer.

Another reason why Legal Marketing is of particular interest is precisely that of the challenge involved. Without being the most expensive sectors to do, for example, cost-per-click search engine advertising, it is among the business areas that require a specific budget to develop an online strategy. Because CPC (search engine advertising) is not cheap, and SEO (organic positioning) is expensive, given the high competition.

Does this mean that a modest firm can not afford to carry out a digital marketing strategy? Not, but it does say that it will be necessary to make a significant planning effort and have sufficient knowledge of the sector to be able to draw the best legal marketing strategies, optimizing the client’s budget and adjusting to their possibilities without losing of sight the objectives!

All the reasons explain the boom of Legal Marketing. But we can not fail to recognize the relationship that this trend has with the fact that some legal brands in Spain have opened the way to the sector, developing powerful marketing campaigns with a significant investment. They have undoubtedly been the forerunners of the trend, and it is fair to acknowledge it!

In this previous post about announcements of lawyers, we talked a little about the beginnings of advertising in the legal sector.

Is Legal Marketing Different from General Marketing?

Develop a legal Marketing strategy is to apply the theories of General Marketing to the particularities of the legal sector. This statement contains, in reality, a critical component that makes it unique: the peculiarities of the legal industry. And is that the knowledge of the industry and experience in this type of campaigns is part of the success. Then, we can conclude that legal Marketing, without being different, requires some knowledge of the consultants who plan the strategy and execute the campaigns. Without being superfluous, they have the advice of lawyers at certain times. Or with the support of your client.

Regarding the major phases of a legal Marketing strategy, as in any Digital Marketing strategy, we highlight:

Analysis:  Analyze the current situation of the brand, the sector and the brand concerning the industry. What are the trends of the moment and what does the competition do?

Definition of strategies and objectives: Trace the policy, within the business plan of the company. Define the actions that we will carry out based on the available budget and the goals we want to achieve. Draft the Legal Marketing Plan.

Implementation of the plan

Measurement and analysis: What is not measured, cannot be improved. Measuring everything will help us to know the return on investment, correct errors and implement the best ones.

Then, assuming that there is a growing trend to bet on digital marketing in the legal sector. And that the legal Marketing is not only a fashion but a reality that goes to more, it is time to rise to realize your strategy for your law office. Without losing sight of the necessary knowledge of the sector and the sufficient expertise of those who develop the campaign. So that your investment returns in the form of clients.…

Crime Prevention And Data Protection In The Company

In recent months we have lived with all kinds of news and articles related to the new RGPD and the security of personal data. But there are other lesser-known measures that every company must also take into account to avoid sanctions. Today we talk about the prevention of crime in the company, which also affects technology companies or digital base.

To deal with the issue, we have an expert lawyer in data protection and crime prevention in the company. Sign this article Carlos Adriaensens Cárdenas, Consultant and trainer RGPD.

The corporate compliance of the company on the Internet

Relatively recently, the Spanish legislation contemplates the criminal liability of legal persons. The reformed Penal Code and, more specifically, the Organic Law 1/2015 delimit the legal framework related to this corporate criminal liability.

Before the possible question of can, a legal person be criminally liable? The answer is yes. Until the entry into force of these new regulations, the criminal responsibility fell on the administrator or administrators of the company. Now, it is the entity or company that assumes criminal responsibility. And, although it is evident that a legal entity can not serve a penalty of deprivation of liberty, it can be imposed a sentence of suspension of exercise that can reach up to three years. Or, in the worst case, to a definitive suspension, dissolution, and extinction of the responsible company.

The criminal responsibility of the digital company

Let’s give an example of the above directly related to the technology sector. Suppose that a company has in its computer security department with a worker who manages to circumvent the security of the computer equipment of a company of the competition. He does this with the purpose of finding out confidential information for the benefit of the company for which he works.

In this case, the worker would be accused of a crime. But so would the company he works for.

How to prevent crimes in the company

How can we then avoid these situations or mitigate the possible effects of a condemnation of the company? Corporate compliance or ‘corporate regulatory compliance’ comes into play here. The name by which the system of organization and management is known that a company must implement to avoid or mitigate its criminal responsibility before the possible commission of crimes.

The company must implement a system for the prevention and detection of crimes in the company. And it is that the Law comes to say that, if a worker commits a crime in favor of the company and this company has implemented an effective crime prevention program, the judges may consider these measures as mitigating or even exempting the penalty.

In this system of crime prevention or regulatory compliance, companies must appoint a Compliance Director or Compliance Officer. Something those smaller companies, in whose organizational chart this figure does not fit, can outsource to specialized consultancies. In a similar way to how to act on issues related to personal data protection.

Among the actions to be carried out to implement this program, it will be necessary to establish a risk map, adopt a model of management and administration of financial resources following the legislation and establish a disciplinary system together with an internal complaints channel.

Google Plus Will Close For Users In August Of Next Year.

August 2019. Just ten months. That’s the time that Google’s big bet to compete with Facebook will continue to be active: the Google Plus social network. One piece of news will make marketing professionals redesign their social media management strategy. It is expected to redouble efforts on Facebook and especially on Instagram, the great emerging social network in recent years.

Finally, it seems that it was not his apparent sterility that ended with Google Plus. Instead, it has been an alleged massive leak of user data discovered earlier this year that has “killed” the social network. Alphabet Inc., the company of which Google is a subsidiary, admitted these leaks and announced the cessation of the said social network within ten months.

As confirmed by the company itself, it was a software error that caused different applications to have access to different areas of the profile of Google Plus users that were not public. Although they cannot verify which users have been affected, they did reveal that at least 438 of these applications were able to access the information of more than 500,000 profiles through the programming interface. Even so, Alphabet responds that, in any case, these applications only had access to the name, mail, occupation, gender, and age of the users.

On the other hand, the company is self-critical recognizing the limited use that netizens have made of their social network. 90% of the sessions lasted less than 5 seconds, which indicates that the bulk of the traffic that accessed the page did not even intend to do so.

Although Google Plus will close insurance for users, the company plans to maintain the service for companies, so it will be necessary to pay attention to future movements and assess what utility it offers. For this, it is committed to make updates and promote new features that ensure absolute security.…

Digital Marketing And Health: The Case Of Orthopedics

For a while it was common to hear topics such as health does not need to be sold or health discounts should not be made. But, why this view so pejorative of marketing in health? The moment we overcome these clichés, we realize that the current moment offers an excellent opportunity for private companies in the field of health to promote products and services through online advertising and that this is not only beneficial for them, but also for patients. 90% of Internet users use the Internet to search for services or content related to health. 63% seek information on specific diseases. 44% are looking for diets and nutrition, and 36% are informed about physical exercise.

Thus, we can consider that the area of health, in which orthopedics is located, has a sufficiently large audience on the Internet for companies to consider investing in digital marketing.

What concrete benefits does health marketing generate?

The advantages of online advertising are not minor in the area of health. Investment in this field of marketing contributes to the awareness of healthy lifestyles. Meanwhile, the company offers a better service with a more personalized approach for the patient. Besides, it allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors with the possibility of making an attractive value proposition for potential customers. With the right visibility, it is possible to discover to our audience needs that they did not know they had, generating new demand.

Why digital marketing and orthopedics?

Orthopedics can meet the needs of millions of potential clients. Of all of them, we can focus on a large group as is the guild of athletes. The objective is to place orthopedics at the same level as other health sectors.

E-Commerce allows us to increase our field of action, improve the catalog and position the brand. Some of the most successful marketplace in Spain, such as Amazon, sell orthopedic products. So, why not do it from the website of our clinic or orthopedic center? We must emphasize certain products that are more in demand by the general public and by athletes in particular, while we advertise our site on Google, perform loyalty tasks on social networks and work on the value proposition.

In the long run, we will achieve the impact on our target audience of the investment made in marketing, managing to introduce orthopedics in recreational spaces such as sports and reaching more people who do not yet know what we can offer them. Our brand and value proposition will make us differentiate ourselves and thus become a benchmark in the sector.…

How To Take Advantage Of Twitter In Our Social Media Strategy

Despite the empire of Facebook and the unstoppable rise of Instagram, having a presence in it and including it in our social network management plan remains an option that can bring us benefits.

How can we take advantage of this social network for our company?

Take care of the design of your corporate Twitter profile

Before starting to publish content, it is essential that we keep our Twitter profile optimized for potential customers who visit it. A recognizable username and as similar as possible to our brand. A sober and corporate profile photo. A header image with good resolution and adjusted to the established dimensions. And a description in the bibliography section that summarizes the reason d’être of our business in a close manner. These are the fundamental pillars on which a good company profile must be based.

Post tweets periodically

The best thing is to keep a prudent distance between tweet and tweet that we publish so that we do not saturate our followers. This also applies to retweets, although it is not advisable that the retweets we make exceed the proper tweets. We can observe which are the hours of the day in which more interaction generate our tweets and use specific tools to leave them programmed for the moment that interests us. Also, if we want to influence an already published tweet, now Twitter allows us to retweet about it. This way it will reappear in the timeline of our followers.

Stay up to date with hot topics or #hashtags

Memes and hashtags are the order of the day on Twitter. Just the fact of writing a tweet including a hashtag will make it receive more impressions than if it does not. But if we also can be resourceful, we can obtain great visibility based on interactions. Responding skillfully and strikingly to a tweet of a famous person we can achieve the same result. Check out the points of trending subjects and take your imagination for a walk.

Show personality

Do not be excessively formal. Behave like a human being and demonstrate your character will bring you closer to your followers. Of course, do not hesitate to respond to each mention entertainingly, since the goal here is to build trust to build relationships with potential ambassadors of your brand.

Create quality content

Be selective with the topics you talk about, making sure that they are of the interest of your target audience and in turn do not cover too many or fall into monothematic. Although quality is not equal to quantity, you can benefit that now Twitter allows you to write up to 280 characters to expand if necessary and even create threads. The important thing is that you can move the message to your target.

Use Twitter Analytics

Help us with tools such as Twitter Analytics can be very useful to know our ‘buyer person better’ observing the interests of our followers or know when we get more interactions with our tweets and which have been more successful to replicate them, among many others functionalities…