All About Different Branded Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the glasses which protects your eyes from eye infection and sunrays when going outside. While driving when the bright lights hurt your eyes, sunglasses protect your eyes from the lights and help you to see clearly. UVA and UVB are special sunglasses which gives complete protection to your eyes from the rays of the sun. Hence one should always buy sunglasses which gives UVA and UVB safety. Low quality sunglasses can damage your eye vision. Therefore wearing good quality designer sunglasses can give your eyes full protection. Some of the best designer sun shades are:-

Ray Ban

Ray ban is a great brand of designer sunglasses, made in Italy. It is a brand that everyone loves to buy. Ray ban sunglasses are well known for their lenses. Its lenses are made of crystal or plastic material which gives you guarantee of clear, comfort and durable vision. All Ray ban sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection.. Ray ban sunglasses are a bit expensive but are worth buying, as they are long-lasting. Some Ray bans are also made in China.


Chanel fashionable sunglasses are also made in Italy. Like most of the designer brands, Chanel is also costly. Chanel has varieties of frame according to your face size and shape for both female as well as male. These sunglasses are most luxurious sunglasses made of metal. Chanel glasses are ideal choice if you are looking for perfect designer sunglasses. Its logo is identified by interlocking C.


Prada sunglasses are one of the most cost-effective, famous and leading brand of Italy. It is said that no other manufacturer can make exclusive sunglasses like Prada. Prada designer eye glasses can actually lasts from two to ten years. Prada’s most luxurious “Prada Linea Rossa sunglasses” are encouraged by the world of sport. Prada glasses keeps on changing according to the fashion, but there are some glasses that are remarkable and inspired by many which is always in style. Prada makes exclusive, high quality stylish sunglasses according to the customer’s satisfaction.


Gucci is a very well known brand in the fashion. Their designer sunglasses are well finished, fashionable and stylish made according to different taste of the people. Gold is the main color of Gucci, shown through all their varieties. Their sunglasses are made of best quality which impresses the customers and never let them feel down. Their unisex goggles are best for those who want to look stylish all the time.


Dior is the most demanding brand and it is one of the top most selling Italian brands. “So Real” is the popular frame of Dior but there are many more shapes and styles which are equally popular. Their sunglasses are their own unique style glasses which are made from the most excellent material. Their cat eye sunglass has always been favorite of all women because of its stylish look. Many celebrities have helped Dior to rise among the other brands. One should purchase from Dior as they have the best collection of designer sunglasses.

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