Google Plus Will Close For Users In August Of Next Year.

August 2019. Just ten months. That’s the time that Google’s big bet to compete with Facebook will continue to be active: the Google Plus social network. One piece of news will make marketing professionals redesign their social media management strategy. It is expected to redouble efforts on Facebook and especially on Instagram, the great emerging social network in recent years.

Finally, it seems that it was not his apparent sterility that ended with Google Plus. Instead, it has been an alleged massive leak of user data discovered earlier this year that has “killed” the social network. Alphabet Inc., the company of which Google is a subsidiary, admitted these leaks and announced the cessation of the said social network within ten months.

As confirmed by the company itself, it was a software error that caused different applications to have access to different areas of the profile of Google Plus users that were not public. Although they cannot verify which users have been affected, they did reveal that at least 438 of these applications were able to access the information of more than 500,000 profiles through the programming interface. Even so, Alphabet responds that, in any case, these applications only had access to the name, mail, occupation, gender, and age of the users.

On the other hand, the company is self-critical recognizing the limited use that netizens have made of their social network. 90% of the sessions lasted less than 5 seconds, which indicates that the bulk of the traffic that accessed the page did not even intend to do so.

Although Google Plus will close insurance for users, the company plans to maintain the service for companies, so it will be necessary to pay attention to future movements and assess what utility it offers. For this, it is committed to make updates and promote new features that ensure absolute security.…