Disability Driving Assessment as Assistance to Disabled

Disability driving assessment enables us to assess the real driving efficiency of the disabled persons by doing medical evaluations. When we conduct an OT driving assessment we will be able to fix the amount of efficiency in the real driving atmosphere. When we required an adaptive auto-mobile to overcome the disabilities the impairment propulsive estimation is helpful for getting the permission for making such changes. It will help us to add additional controls or signalling facilitate in our vehicle. The main objective of the infirmity active judgement is to find the locomotive and intellectual capability to drive the auto-mobile in a safer and comfortable way.

The findings of the assessment help to give necessary equipment and adaptations which is helpful for a better driving. During the medical assessment as a part of the detriment dynamic computation if the medical professional finds any practical inability of our safety driving, he can opt for a second opinion about the driving ability. We can approach the assessment office for make ourselves sure about the driving capability when we had any doubts. OT driving assessment is the official method for making adaptations or changes in our vehicle for better and safe driving. We may be thinking of adding an adapted control system in our auto-mobile to overcome the deficiency, then we can approach for a disability driving assessment.


The licensing authorities may ask us for a driving assessment when they feel for a medical assessment about the capability of self driving. It means that we can go for a disability driving assessment by ourselves or can be sent for an assessment by the licensing authorities. In both the cases the assessment report will send to the authorities for getting sanction for the required permission. We can get the assessment done without any fees when refereed by the authorities, but the rules are subject to change from time to time and we must check this from the local authorities.

We must have valid license for undergoing disability driving assessment for making necessarily adaptations in our vehicle. The team who are evaluating our disability driving capability will conduct a detailed and comprehensive study about our physical and mental ability, vision, and knowledge about the rules etc.. They will consider the operational ability of the adapted controls by the person. They are experienced to conduct such examinations without making the client discomfort.

Disability driving assessment offices are very friendly to the differently able people and they conduct the examinations in a cool atmosphere and wherever possible they will give maximum assistance to the clients. The clients will be given detailed counselling and printed reports after the evaluation process.

We must be comfortable in the evaluation process since the officials is there for supporting us for getting reports in favour of us to improve our driving comfort and safety. Driving accessibility to the disabled persons with the support of the adapted controls and changes is now considered as a right of the disabled people. So the authorities are liberal in giving sanction for making required changes in the auto-mobiles according to the suggestions of the disability driving assessment.

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