Information on Prescription Sunglasses Online

Prescription sunglasses online helps us to evaluate the coast, lenses and frames before we buy it. But online prescription may have lot of risk factors also; we may face problems of poor lens quality, and mismatching of lens and frames. When we order for a progressive lens the risk is more since it requires more measurements for the getting the correct glass and correct marking is required to make a perfect progressive lens but normal lens do not need such procedures. We could depend on instruction goggles websites for the prescription of plane or single vision spectacle lens. We must remember that the health fund providers do not accept the prescription sunglasses online for their payments.

Some online retailers are offering ‘try and return’ policy for making the online shops more reliable, they send more number of spectacles for the trail, we could check it in our home and if not satisfied we could return the glass. Progressive lenses need various markings and assessment figures in the prescription form, online forms do not include all these and these vary according to the frame size. Soorder blinkers networked are not recommendable for bifocal lenses. Online sunglasses shops use shadow shopper in place of the customer, we could see the effect and performance of the glass and frame by using this facility. Quality of the sunglasses we get may not be acceptable to us and we have to return it for a replacement in the online store again, people consider this as an extra burden for them. Some prescription sunglasses online provides good quality products in the online store at competitive price.


Consumer law ensures the right for getting clear and adequate information about an item purchased. Most of the time authorization glasses accessible by computer fails to give sufficient information and after sales service to the customers. The professional may not agree with the customer’s comments on the frame or lens fitting saying that they are experienced and what they did is the correct way, but they fail to satisfy the customer.

When we want to buy sunglasses we must first go to the eye specialist for a check up and prescription, after conducting the vision test and other eye test the ophthalmologist prepare prescriptions for our glasses. Then we have to look for the best frame that suite for our face and budget. Some complex prescriptions, progressive or high power lens need special frames which usually the doctor mentions in the prescription. We could collect quote from different shops for better price and it will ensure the specialised features like anti-scratch, ultra violet ray safety and anti glare covering.

Online shops dealing sunglasses offers top level fames and lenses at a lesser price than the regular shops. They could provide this low price since the advertising cost and other intermediate costs are avoided in online stores. We get more benefits from online stores than lesser price, some are offering additional frame for the first order and free delivery options. Prescription sunglasses online store give good quality sunglasses these days and designer frames too.

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